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9/14/02 Won Titan
Preseason game for both teams.  Good clean hockey.. North Stars ended winning both games.. Goalies had a fantastic weekend and played out of their minds.
Play of the Game
I am not sure if this would be play of the game, Erik Kujala was injured (broken ankle). North Stars wish quick recovery and will see you back on the ice soon.
9/21/02 lost 5-2  lost 2-1 St. Ignace
St. Ignace came to win... Both games went to them.
Player of the Game

Traverse City Fall Ice Breaker Tournament Won-  Bay Area    0  Traverse City 10
Won-  Royal Oak  2  Traverse City  9
Won-  Lansing      4  Traverse City  6
Won-  Bell Tire      2  Traverse City  3    (semi-final)
Won-  St. Ignace   0  Traverse City  2    (final)


Friday night's game & Saturday morning games  Midget A  division were blow-outs.They ended early due to the five-goal mercy rule. The STARS remained undefeated with a 10-0 victory over BAY AREA and 9-2 victory over Royal Oak. Stars beat Lansing 6-4 winning first place in the American Division.

Semi-final game ended in 5 minute overtime and 5 man shoot out. STARS led the score 1-0 into the 3rd period. BELLE TIRE tied the game sending it into overtime. Shoot out went to the STARS

STARS buried the first goal and ended as the game winning goal. An empty netter  finalized the game 2-0


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